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He is an Ohangla musician and songwriter seen in the smooth flow of Luo rhyme, idiom and metaphor in his music. Emma has weathered many storms to make it to where he is today. From menial jobs in his rural village of Sigomre to being a watchman in Ngara area, Jalamo has seen it all. As a member of Nehema Church where he became a choir team leader, he discovered his singing talent. But he had no idea that music would be his gateway to a better life. When he produced his first music album, a gospel composition containing six songs, he continued to do menial jobs to earn a living.

His stage name back then was Emmanuel. It is from this name that he came up with Emma, which is its short form, while Jalamo means prayerful in Dholuo. It was the brief encounter with musician Seth Oloo in that properly ushered him into the world of music.

At this stage, Jalamo was switching from gospel to secular music. Oloo was the leader of the traditional dance group and was looking to replace his keyboard player who had left. Desperate for a job, Jalamo grabbed the opportunity. While working with Seth, Jalamo managed to buy his own keyboard which he could give out for hire at a fee.

When Oloo left inthe group of seven who remained continue for some time before the band eventually broke up in Emma then joined Kenyan musician Lady Maureen with whom they performed for more than six months as a curtain-raiser. While working with Maureen, Jalamo could sing a mixture of copyright songs when on stage. With his soothing voice, he won the hearts of many fans who in return encouraged him to compose his own songs. And it is because of this reason that he named his band Ramogi Ohangla Rhumba R.

Jalamo was born in in Mathare slumsHe is 39 years as of Odhiambo is second born in a family of six. Jalamo joined school at the age of 12 and never completed his primary education. In an interview with the Nation newspaper and Lolwe Tv, Jalamo revealed that life was hard and they had to seek menial jobs to make ends meet. By then, going to school was too much of a luxury to be afforded.

Jalamo is married to Amilo nyar Nyakach. They have three children; Mary, Oscar, and Ramsey. When he is off his busy music schedule, Emma is attending to his family and businesses. He runs a foundation and a recording studio under the label Lelo Production. Jalamo worked with Maureen until he produced his first album, First Lady. Due to this achievement, Lady Maureen advised him to form his band.

Emma went ahead and looked for a team that could assist him to deliver live performances whenever he got a show. Tweets by EmmaJalamo. His songs can be listened to by both the young and the old.Reblogged from Daily Nation. The piercing whistle delivered in sync with the tune and, surprisingly, on key, has become his signature. Ohangla musician Emma Jalamo largely stays true to form and does not radically veer off-course in his latest album Sherry, which was launched recently.

This production presents a mature side of Emma, evidence that his music is continuously evolving. Here is a musician who has reached a point where he is comfortable with his craft. The songs are slower, more contemplative and as always, danceable.

And the keyboard rendition is inventive, melodious and on-beat, something that has always set him apart from other purveyors of the genre. Perhaps nowhere are these features more evident than in Sherry, which is the title number on this effort.

A love song, the number is typical Emma-craft. Sometimes, the vocals are an overlay over the instruments. And unlike most compositions in this genre, in which monotony and tiring, long, un-changing renditions are the norm, Emma attempts to create variety. The number climaxes into a full, danceable sound, with heavy percussions coming into play. The start is a slow, danceable beat with a heavy rhumba accent.

Perhaps the first song deserves special mention. Unlike most musicians in Luoland, where a praise song for former Prime Minister and Opposition chief Raila Odinga, is a must-have accessory in the portfolio, Emma had somehow always steered clear of this sub-genre, something that made him an oddity of sorts.

So what changed? I guess the juogi spirits were not ready. When Emma talks about juogi, it is easy to believe him. The group, whose rich liturgy fuses modern-day Catholicism with elements of Luo traditional religion, is heavy on spiritualism. It is the unique elements of his sound, inventiveness, humour, discipline and overall professionalism that have set Emma apart from other exponents of the ohangla genre.

He is also an accomplished song writer, seen in the smooth flow of Luo rhyme, idiom and metaphor in his music. In the process, he has cultivated near-cult following, mostly among the normally fickle, urban youth.

It is a movement, a way of life. He is creative in a playful way, and most important of all, professional. It was the bane of many a provincial administrator, most of whom responded by banning it, effectively taking it underground. A cylindrical shoulder-slung drum known as kalapapla, normally introduced during the climax to a song, would complete the set.

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Emma Jalamo Biography, Songs, Age, Family, Music And Wife

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Best Of Emma Jalamo Mix Mp3 Download

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Emma Jalamo releases “Sherry” album

Our trip gave us plenty to do while still leaving us time to relax and explore the city at our own pace. It was so nice to not have to worry about planning every day-- we just showed up where we were supposed to be at the time we were given and everything else was taken care of.

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wapstrict emma jalamo by raila

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wapstrict emma jalamo by raila

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wapstrict emma jalamo by raila

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wapstrict emma jalamo by raila

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